For the past two years, Elandra have been curating a repertoire of incredible songs that have captured the imagination of their local Brighton scene, and their first musical offering is proof of that. Thousand Steps is an anthem for the creatives of the world. With themes of frustration, self reflection and calling out your narcissistic tendencies, mixed in with the psychedelic musical stylings that make Elandra one of the most exciting new bands in Brighton.

Within the local Brighton music scene, ‘Thousand Steps’ is already one of the most hotly anticipated singles of the summer. There is only so much that this press release can tell you about the single, but it is an explosion of rhythm, funk, groove and psychedelia that sends the listener floating on a bed of sand and sea. Thousands Steps is sure, nay, guaranteed to transport you into a sonically unmatched frenzy.

This is the first of many singles that Elandra plans to release throughout 2022, ending with an EP showcasing the best of what Elandra has to offer. Using Thousands Steps and a launch ramp, Elandra is sprinting towards the title of the hottest property in the UK music scene, planning to tour the UK and Europe in 2023 as headliners.


Elandra is the brainchild of Paolo Siviero, A native to Venice, Italy that has made waves in his short time in England. His years of songwriting experience gives the band a new dimension of musicality that brings their songs to a different level.

Their percussionist, Vera Schieffer, gives a belgian twang to their lineup. With her expertise in synth and djembe playing, she gives both a melodic and percussive boost at the same time.

James Bowden might just be the guitarist, but he brings a blend of country, 60’s rock and psychedelia that solidifies the Elandra image into our heads better than anyone ever could. Thousand Steps is a fine example of what his playing can incur into the minds of its listeners.

George Cole redefines what it means to be a bass player. His licks are akin to a palpitating heart that’s ready to quit, but it never does and always fits the rhythm.

And finishing the rhythm section, Chris Cook provides the backbone of the music with his creatively rich drumming that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat.

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thousand steps

Thousand Steps is sure to make you jump off your feet and dance as well as make you reflect on you every emotion.

maybe one more time

Feeling a bit sad? We have a song for that. This is Maybe One More Time. Certain to mellow you out on a hot summers day.



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