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Elandra, a captivating art rock outfit, weaves a touch of psychedelia into their evolving sound. Led by Italian-born Paolo Siviero, their music brims with emotive lyrics and dynamic rhythms. A fusion of influences like Tame Impala, Radiohead, The Strokes, MGMT, and Empire of the Sun propels Elandra’s fresh direction, promising a genre-blurring experience.

In this constant evolution, marked by a pivotal moment steering away from the contributions of past members, Elandra embarks on a new era of sonic exploration and growth. Unfazed by the departure, their commitment to artistic integrity and innovation remains unwavering. The heart of Elandra lies in unforgettable riffs that carve a place in memory, punchy crunchy saturated drums, and the ethereal embrace of spacy, psychedelic backing vocals.

Live performances unfold as dynamic spectacles, contrasting highs and lows, creating an immersive journey that defies traditional labels and genres. Guided by Paolo Siviero, Elandra invites listeners on a captivating odyssey. Every note and beat contributes to their evolving sonic canvas. Committed to pushing the boundaries of musical expression, Elandra beckons music enthusiasts to join them on this enchanting journey—an ode to their dedication to exploration and innovation in the vast realm of sound.